The GHG Protocol needs to evolve to better represent the complexity of how energy markets work.

February 2023

There is a correlation between the training time and energy consumption, but that doesn’t mean there is a correlation between training time and carbon…
Data centers consuming too much energy at peak times - can't we just turn them off?

December 2022

Puritan value judgments don’t help and any analysis based on concepts of digital sobriety or arbitrary definitions of waste should be rejected.

November 2022

With the grid mix constantly changing, what needs to happen to energy systems to reach the goal of 24/7 carbon free energy? Google has funded two…

October 2022

Advantages and limitations of the Running Average Power Limit (RAPL) interface for measuring CPU power consumption.

September 2022

Removing the aggregation spine resulted in 5x higher speed and capacity, and 41% reduction in power.
Developers need metrics that are consistent and easy to optimize, but carbon intensity varies in time and space. So when is it a useful metric for…
Firefox 104 introduces power consumption measurement in the profiler. What does this mean for analyzing website energy consumption?

August 2022

This is a good paper that makes valid points about the possibilities of migrating flexible IT workloads, however it makes classic assumptions I see in…
The scientific journal, Joule, has published a paper I’ve co-authored reviewing data center energy estimates between 2007-2021.

July 2022

Which languages are the fastest and most energy efficient? The simple answer is: C, C++, Rust. The accurate answer is: it depends.