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/dev/sustainability is a newsletter written by David Mytton about sustainable computing, environmental technology, and energy systems.

About David Mytton

I’m David Mytton. I write about sustainable computing, my area of research in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. I’m also CEO of Console, which helps software developers find the best tools. Find out more.

Writing about sustainable computing

I write about sustainable computing, which is my area of research at the University of Oxford. My work has been featured in the WSJ, Fast Company, Computer Weekly, Financial Times, Sky News, Channel 4 Dispatches, and others. You may want to check out:

  1. An overview and interesting resources about sustainable computing.

  2. My academic publications on cloud emissions (Nature Climate Change), data center water consumption (npj Clean Water), and data center energy estimates (Joule).

  3. My contributions to the open source Cloud Carbon Footprint project – I implemented the cloud carbon coefficients calculations.


Get in touch with me via email: david@mytton.net

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Environmental technology and sustainable computing.


David Mytton
CEO of Console (the best tools for developers). Researching sustainable computing at the University of Oxford. Previously Co-founder & CEO of Server Density (acquired by StackPath).